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A Word from our Founder


Two decades ago my wife Autumn and I took what she called ”a bungee jump for God,” by launching A. Larry Ross Communications (ALRC), which today (Friday, March 14th) celebrates its 20th Anniversary.  Our vision was, and still remains, to “restore faith in media” with a mission to give “values-added” Christian messages relevance and meaning in mainstream outlets.

Starting in a converted nursery in our home, initially we had one client — evangelist Billy Graham and The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association — for whom I have been privileged to serve as principle media spokesperson for more than 32 years.

Since those humble beginnings, by God’s providence and grace, ALRC has become one of the leading media/public relations firms in the faith-based marketplace. The Agency operates at the intersection of faith and culture, helping our clients tell their stories in the context of traditional news values through crossover communications projects and processes emanating from or targeted to Christian, values-driven and/or family-friendly markets.

Besides serving ministries, we assist mainstream organizations with “crossover” messaging to the Christian market, giving ALRC a depth and breadth of experience that extends far beyond Christian circles.

From the start, we have encouraged our Agency colleagues, whenever possible, to go beyond the typical client-agency relationship to become communications partners with the individuals and organizations we represent.

Every story has a beginning, a middle and an end, and ours is still unfolding. However, it is not about Autumn and me, but rather the incredible team that the Lord has provided along the way — especially the committed believers and dedicated professionals that make up the company today — who deserve all the credit.  Without the contributions of so many through the years, this would not have been possible.

In the familiar Old Testament passage of Joshua 4:6, as the Children of Israel crossed the Jordan River into the Promised Land, God commanded Joshua to have a man from each tribe carry a stone from the river crossing and pile them at their encampment on the other side. The purpose was to serve as a sign of God’s faithfulness among them and for future generations, when children ask, “What do these stones mean?”Stones

In celebration of our 10th Anniversary a decade ago, we similarly stacked stones carried from our previous office location in a decorative basket in the middle of the conference room table of our new office home, and shared stories of the Lord’s faithfulness to the Agency and the clients we serve.  We have continued to suit up and show up and let God do the rest, and he has remained faithful.

Together, we thank the Lord for the opportunity to have a professional involvement in ministry and marketing, extending the influence of ministry principals and the effectiveness of their organizations through the media, for which we are humbled.  But we are equally grateful to our current and former clients for their confidence in our team and entrusting us with the privilege to represent them in the marketplace, for which we are deeply honored.  And, we especially appreciate the consistent interest myriad media representatives have shown in our clients’ efforts and their consideration of news and feature potential as relevant to their respective audiences.

So with hats off to the past, it’s coats off for the future!  To our current (and prospective) clients, we commit to continuing to serve you well. To former clients, we miss you and have fond memories of past projects.  To previous ALRC colleagues, thank you to the vital contribution you have made to the history and legacy of what God has done through this Agency.  And to the spouses and children of our current team, thanks for your understanding of our collective calling and commitment, and sharing with us in this work.  It has been a great ride…

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A. Larry Ross