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PR Then & Now

Two decades ago, Larry and Autumn Ross took what they call “a bungee jump for God,” by launching A. Larry Ross Communications. We’ve been celebrating our 20th Anniversary this year and as we approached this milestone, our team has been reminiscing about how things have drastically changed in PR over the past 20 years.

THEN … Standing around the fax machine for hours sending news releases one at a time … and praying it doesn’t jam

Faxing on Make A Gif


NOW … sending a news release to numerous contacts with the push of a button AND posting on our website AND tweeting AND updating our Facebook page … 

Easy Button on Make A Gif


THEN … Flipping through a 20-pound Bacon’s book to look up media contacts 



NOW … instant access to thousands of contacts online

Google on Make A Gif

THEN … Worrying about making it to the airport on time to get our package on the last flight out of the night

Catching an Airplane on Make A Gif

NOW … being able to send a document at any time from any where


THEN … Cluttering our desks with these


NOW … All contacts in the palm of our hands


THEN … Spending hours in an assembly line putting together mounds of press kits

mAgpIR on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs


NOW … online newsrooms full of materials, photos and videos




THEN … Recording audio spots for clients in a hotel closet surrounded by suits in order to get the best sound quality



NOW … using iPhones to do just about everything

record on iphone on Make A Gif


THEN … Waiting for the morning newspaper or nightly news to get caught up on what’s going on around the world

Big Daddy newspaper scene on Make A Gif


NOW … 24/7 news

Social Media on Make A Gif


Much has changed in 20 years but ALRC remains faithful to its mission to “restore faith in the media.”

We are grateful to our fearless leaders and their faithfulness to God’s calling! Looking forward to the next 20 years and more!


Multi-tasking with God

We communications professionals tend to be great multi-taskers – talking and writing at the same time, checking email while on conference calls, listening to speeches while crafting Facebook and Twitter posts in our heads, etc.  If there is any way that I can do more than one thing at a time, I will find a way to do it. At home, I fold clothes while watching TV. I load the dishwasher while the washing machine fills with water. I use my commute home to call my parents.

Unfortunately, this spills over into my relationships. More often than not, I’ll be in the midst of cleaning house and doing other chores that take me to multiple rooms, when my husband or son will come up and start talking to me. I want to listen, but I also feel compelled to get on to my next thing. All too often, I say to them, “walk and talk,” so they can continue telling me whatever it is they want to tell me, while I can go about my business.

Not only does this communicate to them that whatever I am doing is more important than what they want to tell me, but I’m afraid it also says that they are not important enough for me to devote my time exclusively to them for just a few minutes a day.

This got me to thinking about my relationship with God. Am I doing the same thing with Him? I’ve always loved that He is with me everywhere I go, and I can “walk and talk” with Him all day long while I am doing all sorts of other things. While that is great, it in no way can replace quality time spent one-on-one with Him, just focusing on Him and Him alone and whatever He might want to say to me that day.

Am I truly listening when I ask my husband or son to “walk and talk,” or do I have half my focus on what I am trying to do? They deserve my undivided attention, but even more so does the Creator of the universe who laid down His life for me. Will you join me in trying to improve my communications skills where they count the most – being intentionally-focused in my conversations professionally, personally and spiritually?