Ministry Launches #SemicolonChallenge to Bring Awareness to Addiction, Self-Violence & Suicide

Once Suicidal Evangelist Jay Lowder Starts Movement to Show Support for Those Struggling

WICHITA FALLS, Texas, July 21, 2015 – International speaker and evangelist Jay Lowder, founder of Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries and author of “Midnight in Aisle 7,” today launched the #SemicolonChallenge to use a simple symbol and the power of social media to bring awareness to individuals struggling with addiction, self-violence and suicide.

At the age of 21, Lowder held a gun to his head prepared to end his own life. Saved by an unexpected, yet timely visit from his roommate, Lowder has since devoted his life to helping others who feel suicide is the only answer.

Lowder’s motivation for the #SemicolonChallenge came after learning about “Project Semicolon,” an organization that also seeks to bring awareness to suicide prevention through the symbol of a semicolon. Rather than the end, a semicolon represents a continuation or renewal; a symbol that there is more to one’s story.

The Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries’ social media #SemicolonChallenge hopes to join with “Project Semicolon” to facilitate two of the most important steps toward suicide prevention: connection and communication.

“People who struggle with addiction, suicidal tendencies and depression often feel isolated and alone,” said Lowder. “By linking people together who have similar feelings or the experience of losing a loved one, survivors are enabled to develop relationships with others who can serve as support, solidarity and encouragement. This connection, along with communication, is one of the greatest deterrents to self-violence.”

The #SemicolonChallenge encourages individuals to take four simple steps:

1)    Change their social media profile picture to a #SemicolonChallenge graphic found at

2)    Draw a semicolon on themselves and leave it for seven days.

3)    Record a brief video showing the semicolon and stating he or she has joined the #SemicolonChallenge.

4)    Share the video on social media with the hashtags #JLHM and #SemicolonChallenge.

semicolon-challenge-profile-pic---wrist“Joining this challenge could be the simplest way to save a life,” Lowder said. “Cursing darkness never brings light. People do… people who are willing to take risks in order to save the lives of others.

More information about the #SemicolonChallenge is available at

Jay Lowder is founder of Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries, Inc., an organization that exists to bring hope to individuals while inspiring others to do the same. He is also author of “Midnight in Aisle 7.” For additional information, visit or follow the ministry on Facebook or Twitter.



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