Abide Releases Father’s Day Survey, Parents’ Health and Safety Top Prayers for Dad

SAN FRANCISCO, June 16, 2017 As Father’s Day nears, Abide, the Christian meditation and prayer app, conducted a survey among its four million users shows the most common prayers for Dad. Results of the online survey revealed physical well-being, protection and salvation are the most common prayers offered for fathers.


Nearly 70 percent of users surveyed shared their concern for their dad’s health, including battles with dementia and heart disease. Approximately 50 percent said safety is their most important prayer request, and 41 percent pray for their dad to come to know and follow Jesus.

“These Father’s Day survey results show that just as our parents never stop caring or worrying about us, we also do the same for them,” said Neil Ahlsten, co-founder of Abide. “We want our dads to be around for as long as possible, see them succeed, and spend eternity with them. These are all fears and hopes we, as children, can relate to; they connect us as people.”

When asked how frequently children of all ages pray for their dad, nearly 50 percent of Abide users said they pray for them daily with 30 percent praying for their fathers weekly. Several responses on the Christian meditation app indicated a desire to increase with one honest response reading, “I need to become better at praying all these things.”

“Father’s Day is a time to celebrate dads and the sacrifices they made for us. These survey results not only reiterate how much we love and care for our dads but the impact they have on our life,” explained Ahlsten. “This time of the year is our time to thank the men that helped us through every obstacle, those here on earth and our heavenly father.”

Noted on the survey and Abide’s blog show relationships are another area of focus for Abide app users. More than 37 percent pray for God to help their dad in this area. Other responses included praying over finances, jobs, life purpose, and happiness.

“Just as we are all different, we also all experience different trials and tribulations. These requests display that beautifully, but they also show that there is a special bond between a father and his child,” said Ahlsten.

The Abide app that is available for download on iTunes and Google Play.

About Abide

Abide is a Christian prayer and meditation app developed by Carpenters Code, a fellowship of technologists from Google, Tesla, Ebay, Microsoft, and other firms seeking to use their gifts to bring people closer to God. Abide offer’s meditative guides for every season of life with a goal to touch the world with meaningful, scriptural prayer so everyone may know God’s love and be transformed by His Spirit. For more information, visit Abide.is.


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