Abide Survey Reveals Views on Trump, Confederate Monuments After Charlottesville

SAN FRANCISCO, August 22, 2017 – A new survey from Abide, the Christian meditation and prayer app, revealed the majority of Christians have a negative view of President Trump’s handling of Charlottesville.

In a survey of 1,500 American Abide users across all races, when asked if they thought President Trump handled the rallies is Charlottesville appropriately, 61 percent of Abide users said he had not. Additionally, 45 percent of respondents said their views of President Trump had been impacted negatively since Charlottesville.

Additionally, 45 percent of respondents said their views of President Trump had been impacted negatively since the Charlottesville protests.

“While some polls have show that Christians have been favorable toward President Trump in the past, this survey showed they feel work needs to be done when it comes to his leading the discussions on healing our nation’s racial divide,” said Neil Ahlsten, CEO and co-founder of Abide.

The survey also asked users about opinions on Confederate statues.

The majority of individuals – 40 percent – believe historical Confederate monuments should be removed compared to 20 percent who believe they should not be removed and 27 percent who are unsure.

However, when broken down by race, 52 percent of whites said the statues should remain where they are. Meanwhile, 60 percent of African Americans, 33 percent of Hispanics, 40 percent of people of Middle Eastern descent and 34 percent of Asian Americans believe the monuments should be eliminated.

Moving forward, when given the choice between violence, racial matters, equality and freedom of speech, a majority 59 percent said violence was their biggest concern following Charlottesville.

“It’s important that we take this information and use it to better ourselves,” said Ahlsten. “We may not agree on everything, but the Church should be at the forefront of the tough discussions regarding race. At the end of the day, we’re all created equal in God’s image and loved by Him. Just as He loved us, we need to love each other.”

About Abide
Abide is a Christian prayer and meditation app developed by Carpenters Code, a fellowship of technologists from Google, Tesla, Ebay, Microsoft, and other firms seeking to use their gifts to bring people closer to God. Abide offer’s meditative guides for every season of life with a goal to touch the world with meaningful, scriptural prayer so everyone may know God’s love and be transformed by His Spirit. The Abide app that is available for download on iTunes and Google Play. For more information, visit Abide.is.


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