‘Abortion: The Ultimate Exploitation Of Women’ Reframes National Debate

Author Brian E. Fisher Dispels Common Myths about Abortion

DALLAS, May 6, 2013 – The title of Brian E. Fisher’s new book, “Abortion: The Ultimate Exploitation of Women,” offers a tantalizing clue to the truths within. Far from a treatise on a woman’s right to choose, the book seeks to reframe the abortion debate in this country.

The book (subtitled “Men Started It. Men Oppress With It. Men Can End It.”) dispels a number of prevailing myths about abortion.

For example, legalized abortion wasn’t a product of the women’s movement. Alice Paul, the original architect of the Equal Rights Amendment, was the first to describe abortion as “the ultimate exploitation of women,” and many pioneering feminists, such as Elizabeth Cady Stanton, opposed it.

“In the case of America, it was powerful, rich, white men who were behind the legalization of abortion, not women,” Fisher writes. In supporting abortion, men have primarily been motivated by sexual license and social change.

Before the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision legalized abortion in 1973, billionaire John D. Rockefeller III and other wealthy, powerful men advocated abortion as a form of population control. The population-control movement flourished in the 1960s and ’70s, when fears that the world would become too crowded reached their height. Historically, the movement has disproportionately targeted the poor and minorities.

Even today, Fisher, the co-founder and president of Online for Life, an organization that works to save unborn babies from abortions, regularly receives emails from people wondering why  “we should save babies from abortion when we have so many born children on welfare, in the foster care system, in drug-infested homes, and so forth.”

This argument, flawed on a number of levels, implies that never living is preferable to having a potentially difficult life and overlooks the impact of successes like President Barack Obama, who grew up in a one-parent home under less than ideal circumstances.

Fisher writes that instead of empowering women, abortion victimizes them. “Abortion is the ultimate ‘get out of jail free’ card for sexually aggressive men,” Fisher writes. It’s another chapter in a long history of men using or oppressing women.

“Though it is a woman’s right to choose whether or not to abort, the data once again shows that men continue to have tremendous influence over that decision,” the book says. “Male coercion, whether active or passive, plays a huge role in the abortion decision.”

Research has shown that 64 percent of women in this situation feel pressured to abort. And when a man tells his partner that the decision is up to her, Fisher writes, he in effect is telling her that he isn’t committed to her or the child, that he doesn’t care about the physical danger or emotional toll of abortion.

“It’s no wonder we’ve made abortion a women’s issue,” Fisher writes. “It gives us [men] the right to exercise our lifestyle without consequence, and we get to be a proponent of women’s rights at the same time.”

In the final chapter, Fisher challenges men to become more involved in ending abortion: “Abortion exists because of male selfishness. And it will continue to exist as long as men continue to seek their own power, control, and pleasure.”

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