Case Study

Anne Graham Lotz

ALRC helps media understand Anne Graham Lotz is more than Billy Graham’s daughter by garnering national media for her book.


This book was something of a magnum opus for Anne Graham Lotz. It culminated 31 years of study and teaching on the life of Abraham, who she credited with having a greater influence on her spiritual life than her famous father.  It was very important to Anne this book do well on its own, not just because she was Billy Graham’s daughter, but for her own merit. While she had national name recognition as an author, one challenge was receiving national mainstream attention for a book that was very Christian-specific in its content.


The Agency crafted messaging to emphasize Ms. Lotz’s transparency in the book – that it was somewhat autobiographical regarding her ministry history and the barriers she faced as a woman. She identified with readers who have been hurt or felt abandoned by the Church, which related to current news trends/studies. In addition, the economy became a news hook for the book, as Ms. Lotz recounted the numerous times both she and Abraham had reached bottom, had to pick themselves up and dust themselves off and start all over again, remembering what’s most important in life.


By emphasizing the secular news angles that were part of both Ms. Lotz’s story and the book, the Agency was able to secure national mainstream opportunities for her to promote the book. In addition to national and local Christian print, TV and radio coverage, Ms. Lotz was interviewed on Fox News’ “Hannity” show, ‘On the Record with Greta Van Susteren,’ CBS “Early Show,” “Fox & Friends,” Alan Colmes Radio, USA Today, Washington Post/Newsweek, Time magazine, Associated Press, Dallas Morning News, Houston Chronicle, Publisher’s Weekly and Purpose Driven Connection.