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NKJV Unapologetic Study Bible Equips Christians to Defend their Faith

God’s Word Gives Believer ‘Confidence for Such a Time as This’

 DALLAS, Sept. 7, 2017 — The new NKJV Unapologetic Study Bible (Nov. 7, 2017, Thomas Nelson, ISBN-13 9780310080367, $49.99) unpacks the complex issues of the day within the framework of biblical principles and timely truths of Scripture.

NKJVUSB_cover_magnetmailThe study Bible, subtitled “Confidence for Such a Time as This,” is intended to give readers clear answers to today’s most complicated and controversial questions covering topics ranging from issues of Church and State to the nature of world religions, and from bioethics and environmentalism to prejudice and the state of the family. The New King James Version™ (NKJV) uses contemporary English while maintaining the literary quality of the King James Version.

Features of the study Bible include more than 60 quotations from historical figures that apply to contemporary problems, profiles of giants of the faith who overcame great odds, and articles showing the relevance of Bible passages to life in the 21st century.

The 220-plus articles placed near relevant Scripture passages are gleaned from the Kairos Journal, a website founded by Emmanuel and Camille Kampouris that equips pastors to be voices of moral and spiritual renewal in our country. At a time when studies show most Americans identify themselves as Christians but aren’t biblically literate, the Unapologetic Study Bible promotes a return to biblical values.

“Our world is increasingly hostile to the truth of God’s word, so Christians must be equipped with Scripture and the lessons of church history,” said Dr. Mark Coppenger, managing editor of the Kairos Journal. “This study Bible doesn’t shy away from the tough topics, and Christians shouldn’t either.”

Over 40 giants of the faith are profiled including Harriet Tubman, a Christian who was a conductor on the Underground Railroad; David Wilkerson, whose ministry to troubled youth in New York was chronicled in “The Cross and the Switchblade;” Fred Shuttlesworth, a pastor who was one of the heroes of the Civil Rights Movement; and Eric Liddell, the Olympic champion from the movie “Chariots of Fire” who died on the mission field in China.

“Christians don’t need to apologize for what they believe,” Coppenger said. “Through the prophet Amos, God set a plumb line—a divine standard against which God tests us—amidst his people. That’s what we have tried to do. In an age marked by uncertainty, this study Bible has the tools Christians need to defend their faith.”

In addition to Coppenger, who is a professor of Christian apologetics at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, other contributors to the study Bible include:

  • Dr. Michael McClenahan, professor of systematic theology, Union Theological College, Belfast, Northern Ireland;
  • Dr. C. Ben Mitchell, Graves professor of moral philosophy and provost and vice president for academic affairs, Union University, Jackson, Tennessee;
  • Dr. Gregory Alan Thornbury, president, The King’s College, New York;
  • Emmanuel Kampouris, retired chairman and CEO of American Standard, currently serving on the boards of Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of N.J. and Amway Corp.;and
  • Peter Riddell, vice principal (academic) at the Melbourne School of Theology, Australia

The NKJV Unapologetic Study Bible will be available from retailers nationwide November 7, 2017. For more information, visit


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Be a Catalyst


We’ve had the privilege of working with Thomas Nelson and Brad Lomenick, president of Catalyst, to promote Brad’s new book, “The Catalyst Leader.” If you aren’t familiar with Catalyst, it is one of America’s most influential leadership movements.

Catalyst hosts three large events a year and recently they rolled through our area for Catalyst Dallas. Since they were literally a hop, jump and skip away, I went over to soak in some great leadership knowledge and inspiration. I was not disappointed.

One of my favorite speakers was Andy Stanley, pastor of North Point Ministries. He spoke about creating high-performance teams by creating synergy. Andy defined synergy as: when a combination of elements produces an effect greater than the sum of the individual elements.

Synergy is exactly what we want at ALRC. Synergy as a team. Synergy with our clients. And synergy with our media colleagues. Here are some things Andy had to say about how to create this:

  • Select performance-oriented people and position them for maximum impact. (Your org chart is your friend – you need to put your best people on your best opportunities.)
  • Clarify the “what” and the “why.” (If you don’t know why something’s working when it’s working, you won’t know how to fix it when it breaks.)
  • Orchestrate and evaluate everything. (If you create a culture where everything is orchestrated and evaluated every time, you will get the best of the best.)

Andy also mentioned that you must know what a win is in order to evaluate and execute, which is something we have found to be true at ALRC.

So tell me, how have you developed synergy among your team?


The Passing of a Musical Legend

George Beverly Shea, “America’s beloved Gospel singer,”
 passed away last week at the age of 104, following a brief illness.

In an era when artists reinvent themselves with every album, Mr. Shea was an anomaly who became an icon, never changing his style to reach critical mass. And yet, in a remarkable musical career spanning more than seven decades, he released 72 albums (including nine CDs) of sacred music, recording his first of 53 records with RCA in 1951.

Mr. Shea was one of the original members of Mr. Billy Graham’s team and a personal and professional friend of Larry Ross. Larry reflected on this great man of faith, his life and his legacy in his latest Washington Post On Faith Op-Ed. You can read the full article here.