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EchoLight Studios Announces Release of “Return To The Hiding Place” This May

Untold True Story Of Bravery and Heroism During One Of The Darkest Times In History

 Franklin, Tenn., February 25, 2015 – EchoLight Studios is set to release “Return To The Hiding Place” May 1st in more than 650 EchoLight Cinemas locations across the United States.


Directed By Peter C. Spencer and Josiah Spencer, “Return To The Hiding Place” is based on the true story of brilliant young Physics student Hans Poley, who chooses not to

join the Nazi party, therefore risking his life. To protect him, Hans’ parents force him into hiding in the home of Corrie ten Boom, famous for hiding Jews during the Nazi regime.  While under her protection, Hans witnesses the atrocities the Nazis inflict upon the Jews, and decides to take action. Hans is not alone, however: resistance fighter Piet Hartog invites Hans, as well as Piet’s true love, Aty van Woerden (Corrie ten Boom’s niece), into an intricate web of espionage and clandestine activities operating out of the famous Hiding Place.

“We are excited about sharing this incredibly important story. We are honored that ‘Return To The Hiding Place’ has entrusted EchoLight Cinemas with premiering their film,” said Jeff Sheets, EchoLight Studios President.

“This is our first partnership movie and it reflects the disruptive power of EchoLight Cinemas, as well as the impact of marketing directly to your core audience: the Church.”

EchoLight Studios is focused on developing content with strong ministry value as tools for the Church to use in its in-reach and outreach ministries. For more information about EchoLight Studios or EchoLight Cinemas, visit or contact Senior Director of Business Development/Marketing James Barnes at

EchoLight Studios

EchoLight Studios is a world-class entertainment studio specializing in bringing first-class, redemptive media to the marketplace. EchoLight Studios produces, directs, funds and distributes faith-based films that bring communities together. For information visit


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Pastors Across The United States Encouraged to Join in Effort to Impact the Ebola Crisis

Kerry and Chris Shook Spearhead National Be The Message Sunday in Churches Nationwide 

HOUSTON, Texas, October 22, 2014 – Kerry and Chris Shook, New York Times bestselling authors and pastors at Woodlands Church in Houston, Texas, are challenging church leaders across the United States to schedule a National Be the Message Sunday, during which they will shorten their services and sermons to pack meals for people in Ebola-stricken countries.

 “As we watched the death toll continue to rise in West Africa, we asked ourselves, ‘What can we do to make a difference in the Ebola-affected areas?’” said Kerry Shook. “Ebola not only affects one’s health, but their entire life. Thousands affected by the virus are unable to work or provide food for themselves or their families. That is why Be the Message Sunday is so important. One of the most immediate ways individuals can help is by supplying much-needed food to those living in West Africa.”

 A number of churches from all over the U.S. have already signed up to join the Shooks and Woodlands Church, and pastors are encouraged to announce their participation in National Be the Message Sunday on Nov. 16. Over the coming months, the Shooks anticipate thousands of churches accepting the challenge and cutting their services short on a weekend that works for their congregation.

 Woodlands Church conducted a pilot Be the Message Sunday in October and packed over 280,000 meals across its three campuses in one weekend.

 “Just imagine how that number could be multiplied with churches across the U.S. participating in National Be the Message Sunday,” said Chris Shook. “Our vision is to put together 10 million meals with the help of churches nationwide.”

 Woodlands Church will assist churches participating in National Be the Message Sunday in working with local aid groups to pack and ship food to West African countries most impacted by Ebola.

“The majority of Americans don’t exactly know what it means to be truly hungry,” said Woodlands Church Executive Pastor of Missions Steve Helm. “The overlooked part of the Ebola crisis is that people can’t work, and therefore, can’t eat, and they are not always the ones infected with the disease. This is a great opportunity for churches across America to join together and participate in making a life saving difference for these people.”

 Churches interested in participating in National Be the Message Sunday can sign up at

 The Shooks developed National Be the Message Sunday to allow individuals to live out their faith by serving others as discussed in their new book, “Be the Message,” available now from WaterBrook Press. For more information, visit

 Woodlands Church, led by Senior Pastor Kerry Shook, is a non-denominational church in the Houston, Texas area. Founded in 1993, today Woodlands Church has multiple campuses with over 18,000 in average attendance every weekend. For more information, visit


The Passing of a Musical Legend

George Beverly Shea, “America’s beloved Gospel singer,”
 passed away last week at the age of 104, following a brief illness.

In an era when artists reinvent themselves with every album, Mr. Shea was an anomaly who became an icon, never changing his style to reach critical mass. And yet, in a remarkable musical career spanning more than seven decades, he released 72 albums (including nine CDs) of sacred music, recording his first of 53 records with RCA in 1951.

Mr. Shea was one of the original members of Mr. Billy Graham’s team and a personal and professional friend of Larry Ross. Larry reflected on this great man of faith, his life and his legacy in his latest Washington Post On Faith Op-Ed. You can read the full article here.