God, Country, Golf: Reflections of an Army Widow Provides Inspirational Message of Hope

Wesley Bauguess shares her journey of healing after losing her husband in hopes of encouraging others

RALEIGH, N.C., May 16, 2017 Wesley Bauguess, an army widow and veteran, shares an inspiring story of a how she found purpose and hope after the tragic death of her husband Army Major Larry Bauguess in her newly published book God, Country, Golf: Reflections of an Army Widow. The autobiography released this week from Westbow Press.

Wesley, a Folds of Honor and Patriot Foundation spokesperson, shares the devastation and grieving process she went through
after Larry was shot and killed while acting as a human shield, protecting his unit during an ambush on what was supposed to be a peace-keeping mission while deployed in Pakistan on May 14, 2007. Larry’s story received national attention over the next several years as Wesley worked to pick up the pieces of her life and move on with her family’s new reality.

gcgcover“There is a saying, ‘It can take a lifetime to build something and only seconds for it to come crashing down.’ That’s exactly what it felt like when Larry died,” said Wesley. “My heart broke looking at our beautiful girls, knowing their father would never be there to watch them grow up. I didn’t know how I was going to get through it but over time I realized my life experiences – all the way back to when I was a child – were tools to help me through it.”

It all started when Wesley was out on the golf course with her grandfather. When getting ready to hit the ball, he would remind her to concentrate and the importance of overcoming obstacles. Wesley’s love of playing golf led her to attend Appalachian State University where she joined the college’s ROTC. There she met and fell in love with Larry, who later led her to faith.

“We often don’t see how God uses our decisions and obstacles, big and small, until we look back. Golf was the doorway to my career, husband, family and faith,” stated Wesley. “It is a truly wonderful display of how God weaves everything together for our good.”

From college Wesley and Larry both joined the army, which instilled her with confidence to never back down from a challenge. Five years later, during her transition to motherhood, Wesley found news ways to be involved and continue to serve. Each season brought new obstacles that provided Wesley with a lesson, all built on the foundation laid by her grandfather.

“After Larry’s funeral, I started hearing one of my grandfather’s teachings, ‘Focus on what you know.’ It was a tip to make me a better golfer, but it applied perfectly to what I needed to do to help me through the grieving,” explained Wesley. “I knew how to be a good mother, I knew the army life and I knew I could lean on Jesus as we transitioned into a new season we never prepared for. There were times when it was hard and I struggled, but I knew Larry would want us to keep going.”

In God, Country, Golf, Wesley outlines the lessons and values she learned from each of her experiences and the strength gained by her faith, which helped her continue on her path toward healing and remembering God’s purpose for her life. Throughout this beautifully written memoir, she shares the very best stories of her life with and without Larry.

Captain Chuck Deleot, retired U.S. Navy and President of the Patriot Foundation. said, “Wesley gives us a beautiful, compelling story about how she and her young daughters found the strength to cope with the death of their soldier. This powerful, artfully crafted book should be required reading for anyone who wants to better understand the brave military families whose sacrifices keep the rest of us free and safe. We are all indebted to them.”

God, Country, Golf is available through all major online retailers. For additional information, visit GodCountryGolf.com.




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