Heidi McDow

Account Executive


Heidi McDow is the ALRC “boomerang.” She began her career in Public Relations with ALRC in 1999 after she graduated from Texas Tech with a degree in Journalism. She then went on to build her experience with ventures in radio, film marketing and pr for major motion picture studios as well conducting campaigns for national restaurant and retail chains.

She also served a stint as a Communications Director for a large private school in the Dallas, Texas area, where she became well versed in graphic arts, website management and social media. When the opportunity was made available to come back “home,” she  returned to the ALRC family with several years of valuable experience, ready to serve ALRC’s clients and help them achieve their goals.

Heidi McDow

Ms. McDow has consulted with and managed a variety of ALRC accounts including book campaigns, movies and social media campaigns for various accounts. Clients have included EchoLight Studios, Ideals Books, Guidestone Financial Resources, The Center for Bioethics and Culture, “Just Say the Word,” and “The Perfect Wave.”