I am Second Creates Movement to #EndtheMalice

Prepares for Launch of New Film about Gene ‘No Malice’ Thornton, featuring Pusha T. and Pharrell Williams

PLANO, Texas, December 18, 2014 In light of recent national events that continue to create racial division, I am Second, a movement sharing films of hope and transformation, has begun a new social media campaign to #EndtheMalice.

end“As we stand in the midst of one of the biggest racial divides in our country in decades, we thought hard about how to respond,” said Brandon Ricks of I am Second. “We quickly came to the conclusion that we want to be a catalyst for the side of love, and want others to join us to #EndtheMalice.”

Over the next few weeks, I am Second will post messages of reconciliation and unity across its social media platforms using the hashtag #EndtheMalice, and encouraging others to do the same. To join the conversation, visit I am Second on Twitter (@IamSecond) or Facebook (http://facebook.com/iamsecond) or follow #EndtheMalice.

“This campaign is about creating a groundswell of individuals who will be a voice of unconditional love and acceptance in the midst of violence and anger,” Ricks said.

In addition, I am Second is asking individuals to support its newest upcoming film, “The End of Malice,” which shares the real-life story of the hip-hop star once known as Gene “Malice” Thornton (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-end-of-malice#home).

The film follows the tale of how this former drug dealer and “coke rap” pioneer came to understand his value and worth regardless of the challenges of his environment and guilt from his former exploits.

Featuring insights from Gene’s brother Terrence Thornton, a.k.a. Pusha T, and his close friend, Pharrell Williams, this 40-minute documentary provides an inside look at Gene’s rise to stardom, struggle with fame and fortune, and desire for fulfillment, which ultimately led him on a journey of self-discovery.

“The End of Malice” is currently in post-production with a film festival or television premiere projected for the spring of 2015. I am Second is currently raising funds through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to assist with post-production, licensing fees, music and promotion costs.

For more information about “The End of Malice” or to contribute to the project, visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-end-of-malice#home.

I am Second, a non-profit launched in 2008, features more than 100 films of athletes, actors, models, musicians, politicians and everyday people who have stepped in front of the camera and declared, “I am Second.” Previously released films have featured “The Bachelor” Sean Lowe, four generations of the Duck Dynasty family, Korn band member Brian “Head” Welch and surfer Bethany Hamilton. The website iamsecond.com and its Spanish counterpart yosoysegundo.com feature stories of hope and transformation.

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