Is Suburbia Hurting Our View of Christian Community?

Jay Lowder provides ways we can seek out real community living


In evangelical churches today, pastors are pushing members to be active in community groups and “do life together.” According to a recent article in Relevant Magazine, the tragedy is that “doing life together” in America is a program now and doesn’t often happen organically. The community structure we have created allows us to only meet people that we want to. This structure has created children of the same socioeconomic status to attend school together and the same for many churches. It is this reason individuals have become more focused on keeping their neighborhood safe rather than impacting and serving others.
Evangelist Jay Lowder can address the above topic in detail, while providing ideas for how we can improve our efforts towards community.

Jay Lowder has been a full-time evangelist for more than 20 years. Founder of Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries, he has participated in more than 350 community-wide outreaches, rallies and conferences around the world. Through this, Lowder has seen communities of all ages, genders, races and denominational beliefs come together for events.
Lowder is an expert resource to talk about the changing trends in evangelism and how Christians can embrace community living and share Christ with those around them.

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