Jay Lowder Faces Declining Statistics Regarding Men and Church Head On

Evangelist Uses Hunting, Fishing Lessons to Reach Men Outside the Church Walls, Bring Hundreds to Christ in Weekend Events

DALLAS, Feb. 22, 2010 – To counter recent statistics, which suggest a low percentage of men are attending church on a regular basis, Jay Lowder, evangelist and founder of Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries, is taking a new approach to reaching men outside of the church walls. Lowder, who is an avid hunter and fisherman, is leveraging his expertise to share the life lessons he has learned afield to present the message of Christ to a male audience.

“Sportsmen understand concepts such as targets, decoys and blood trails, because they are essential to the sport,” said Lowder. “But those are also terms that can help clearly explain the Gospel of Christ to men who may have never stepped foot in a church.”

According to a 2008 study by The Barna Group, only 65 percent of men, compared to 77 percent of women, said their faith is very important in their lives. In addition, studies show that women outnumber men in church attendance in every Christian denomination. As a result, many churches are left scratching their heads to find ways to attract males.

Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries has created a solution that is making a big impact. Partnering with churches, the ministry hosts Adventure Weekends, designed with activities for the entire family, but with special events specially geared toward men.

Developed to help strengthen the relationship between local churches and their surrounding communities, each weekend is planned to fit the needs of the community and every demographic, with Friday night devoted to women and Sunday evening focused on youth.

Saturday is geared toward the men and their families with a full-day Outdoor Expo. During this time, the church parking lot evolves into an outdoor exhibition for the family with activities such as car and motorcycle shows, fishing tanks, game booths, hot air balloon rides, trophy mounts, golf equipment demonstrations, sports clinics and hunting classes. After the Expo, men are invited to a special “beast feast” meal followed by Lowder’s powerful Gospel message presented through his hunting and fishing lessons.

“Men don’t realize that Jesus was what our culture defines as a ‘man’s man,’” Lowder said. “He modeled how all men should live.”

These events often bring hundreds of men to Christ, something not typically seen in many American churches on a single Sunday.

Founded in 1989, Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries exists to reach people for Christ while inspiring others to do the same. For additional information about Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries, visit http://www.JayLowder.com.


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