Jesus Film Project Executive Director Releases Story of Life as a “JESUS” Film Missionary

Dr. Erick Schenkel shares in Everyone, Everywhere, how ‘JESUS’ is still reaching the lost

 ORLANDO, Fla., April 17, 2017 – In Everyone, Everywhere, Dr. Erick Schenkel, Executive Director of Jesus Film Project®, shares his incredible personal journey in ministry since graduating from Harvard College in 1974 and the subsequent global impact of the film “JESUS”  since its release in 1979.

everyoneeverwherecover200 Schenkel has witnessed numerous miraculous occurrences as a result of both his and others’ commitments to sharing the Gospel around the world and working toward fulfilling the Great Commission through various mediums throughout the years including “JESUS” film screenings and the latest tools and films available through the Jesus Film Project app.

“This book is an invitation to join the most exciting, the most compassionate, the most significant movement in the world,” said Schenkel, “It is written primarily for people who are presently followers of Jesus Christ, but I dare to hope that some who are not His followers will be drawn to the beauty and the importance of the realities it presents.”

Through Everyone, Everywhere, Schenkel sheds light on the history of evangelism throughout the centuries and the varying branches of the Christian faith. He points out that though each of these sects might have had different beliefs on certain aspects, fundamentally everyone who has professed a belief in Christ has been tasked with the same thing – to spread the Gospel.

“We followers of Jesus Christ share one history,” stated Schenkel. “We are involved in one mission. We must also remember that simply taking to oneself the name of Jesus Christ—regardless of what one’s devotional practice may be—is in itself a radical step.  In much of the world, there is nothing to be gained in this life by claiming to be a Christian. In fact, confessing Christ can be dangerous, regardless of the church one attends—or fails to attend.  …  Just taking the name of Jesus can get you killed.”

Throughout the book, Schenkel shares stories of missionaries, pastors and others in ministry work around the world who passionately share the message of Christ, despite the risks. From nations where sharing the Gospel of Jesus is illegal such as China and Middle Eastern countries to areas where Christianity is exploding including Korea, Vietnam and parts of Africa and Latin America, Schenkel explores how the message of Christ is indeed reaching the nations. He also talks about the fact that though the United States and other westernized countries still play a role in spreading the Gospel, the saving grace of Jesus is now being spread “from everyone, to everywhere.”

“Never has there been the possibility of inter-related global movements of Jesus followers like we see beginning to happen today,” stated Schenkel. “I am convinced that we live at the most exciting moment in the history of the church.”

Everyone, Everywhere will release on May 23, 2017, and will be available on the Jesus Film website. For more information go to

The “JESUS” film was envisioned by Bill Bright, co-founder of Cru, and was produced in cooperation with The Genesis Project. “JESUS” is the most watched film according to ‘Guinness Book of World Records’ and as of this year is available in 1500 languages with the latest translation in Daasanach. Jesus Film Project continues to carry out Bright’s vision of showing this film to people in every country of the world. For more information on Jesus Film Project, go to


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