Let Us Tell Your Story

At A. Larry Ross Communications, we believe in the power of story.

Our team is, in essence, storytellers, working with clients to passionately share their story within the framework of traditional news value. We seek help our clients interpret, transpose and transmit their messages in a cultural context in a way that doesn’t manufacture an image but rather establishes and projects its existing identity.

While we are wordsmiths who value the ability to share a written story, we recognize that our society is becoming more visual. Now a days, a short video can receive millions more views than a written article, even more so as it is passed from person to person via social media.

Video combines every element used in story telling. The images, words and music all combine to evoke an emotional response from the viewer to greater impact them.

That’s why we are thrilled to announce the newest video component of ALRC’s offerings headed by the talented Richard Ross.

Richard has extensive experience working in lifestyle marketing and brand communications, increasing brand affinity and loyalty through digital and online videos. His expertise allows him to develop a variety of film styles to suit our client’s needs, from creative and quirky to documentary-style.

Take a look at the latest example of his work, and consider letting him tell your story next.