Case Study

LeTourneau University

ALRC informs and educates homeschool families nationwide about a groundbreaking scholarship from LeTourneau University.


In fall of 2010, LeTourneau University approached ALRC to assist in the announcement of a $5 million endowment specifically designated for homeschool students. The University engaged ALRC to generate awareness of this large gift and the 60 scholarships it would create while emphasizing the trends in homeschooling and LeTourneau’s openness to these students.


ALRC immediately created media lists specific to LeTourneau, which included regional news reporters; education reporters; homeschool associations, blogs and magazines; and national print and broadcast reporters. In addition, ALRC drafted an informational and educational news release detailing the gift and its purpose as well as homeschooling trends. The release was distributed to ALRC’s proprietary media lists and Christian newswire. The Agency followed up with personal phone calls and emails to key media targets, including local newspapers of the first-year scholarship recipients.


As a result of ALRC’s tailored approach to media outreach and incorporation of key messages emphasizing homeschooling trends and LeTourneau’s ability to meet a need, ALRC was able to garner significant media attention for this announcement. In just a few weeks, nearly 30 media placements were secured, including national outlets such as Christian Post and IRN Radio Network and numerous homeschooling blogs. In addition, ALRC captured at least 40 mentions on Twitter, which given the average Twitter followers, equaled at least 4,000 impressions.