Case Study

ALRC creatively sets Melanie Wells apart from other fiction authors by tapping into her expertise as a psychotherapist.


Having already released the Melanie Wells’ first two fiction books in a series of three psychological thrillers, Waterbrook Publishers hired ALRC to assist in the launch of the third book, “My Soul to Keep.” Ms. Wells, a Dallas-based psychotherapist, had a good, tight-knit group of followers, but had not yet garnered the large media attention desired.


Understanding the difficulty in promoting a fiction book, the Agency worked with Ms. Wells to develop a creative press kit to help it stand out on media representative’s desk utilizing an evidence bag as a folder. In addition to reaching out to traditional book trade media, ALRC developed a comprehensive list of book bloggers, offering both reviews of the book and guest posts/interviews with Ms. Wells. To help establish Ms. Wells as an expert, ALRC used her expertise as a psychotherapist to pitch her for larger media opportunities, allowing her the opportunity to also discuss her books.


In following up with media, the Agency immediately realized the impact of the creative press kit. Media instantly remembered the package and affirmed its creativity. In the end, ALRC was able to garner more than 60 media hits for “My Soul to Keep,” both within traditional and social media. These included reviews or articles in Publisher’s Weekly, Romantic Times Book Reviews, the People Newspapers, Boston Now Newspaper, HM Magazine,, and LifeWay’s Entertainment E-news. Ms. Wells was so pleased with the response, she chose to personally to continue the relationship with ALRC to help promote her other works of fiction.