Melany Ethridge

Senior Account Executive


Melany Ethridge joined the ALRC team in 1997 and since that time has employed her public and media relations and writing skills on behalf of many clients, from ministries and special events to book and movie projects. She has led teams in securing national media placements, establishing on-site press operations, arranging media tours and press conferences all the while helping media representatives understand the significant – and relevant – news applications to their audiences.

Ms. Ethridge came to ALRC from the publishing industry, where she was employed by Word Publishing until its departure from Dallas in the late 90s. She brought with her a wealth of knowledge about both the publishing industry and the Christian marketplace. While at Word, she polished her strong editing and proofreading skills, which has proven invaluable in ensuring the consistency and quality of ALRC-created documents.


Previously, Ms. Ethridge had been employed as a newspaper journalist and photographer, contributing to her thorough understanding of journalists’ needs. She also worked as a recruiter for the Job Corps, a government training and education program, where she excelled at understanding how best to reach her publics and get them on board.

With a bachelor’s degree in public relations from Southern Methodist University, Ms. Ethridge is well-rounded in all facets of the communications industry, and is well able to share that knowledge with both clients and colleagues. Ms. Ethridge may be contacted via email at