Ministry to Christian Business Leaders Encourages Building Kingdom Legacies over Companies

FCCI CEO Terence Chatmon says right priorities will bring success


ATLANTA, Jan. 11, 2017 – According to Terence Chatmon, president and CEO of Fellowship of Companies for Christ International (FCCI), a vastmajority of the hundreds of thousands of Christian business leaders across the country regularly struggle to balance their personal faith with their corporate roles as CEOs, “It is our job at FCCI to help these leaders find that balance and to become the executives that God has called them to be,” he said.

As a former executive at leading companies such as Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson and Citibank, Chatmon knows from personal experience that tension and pull toward worldly success rather than meeting his own spiritual needs and those of his family and employees. But early in his career, he benefitted from powerful Christian mentors who modeled for him the balance of spiritual and corporate leadership.

“It’s not something that comes naturally, however, and requires intentional effort and accountability to ensure one stays on that path,” Chatmon explains. “This is why the work we do at FCCI is so important – we want to be a resource to help Christian business leaders find that balance and be accountable in their leadership.”

FCCI is a membership organization with a vision to transform the world through Jesus Christ, one business leader at a time. It was founded in the late 70s by a group of Atlanta-area businessmen who realized they needed to operate their companies according to biblical principles, and they began meeting together to learn these biblical principles to integrate into their lives and businesses while holding one another accountable.

That original group of men – Bobby Mitchell, Bert Stumberg, Bill Leonard and Larry Burkett, along with Jim Moye, Ben Lively and Tom Harris – formed a nucleus that actually functioned much like what has become an FCCI Business Leadership Group, one of the many benefits of FCCI membership. These men, along with Jim Pursell and Smith Lanier, became the original FCCI Board of Directors.

FCCI now has thousands of members across the country and around the world, enabling the organization to provide significant training resources and support groups in many major markets. Recognizing the difficulty for business leaders to find peers within their circles who share their faith, FCCI takes the guess work and leg work out of the equation, matching them with other corporate influencers of like mind and forming safe spaces for them to share and grow together.

Such groups have become instrumental in directing the lives of business leaders around the country, including such notable leaders as Anne Beiler, founder of Auntie Anne’s Pretzels; David Green, founder of Hobby Lobby; and Dan Cathy, CEO of Chick-fil-A. “The time I spent in that circle of men had more influence on my business life, as a Christian, than anything else I’ve experienced,” said Cathy of his specific FCCI involvement.

In addition to helping business leaders find work/life balance and a spiritual/moral compass – both things many would say is lacking in mainstream business leadership today – FCCI trains Christian leaders for true marketplace ministry. FCCI has a plethora of training videos in its online library on topics ranging from “Reducing Stress in the Workplace” to “Finding Life Meaning, Purpose and Satisfaction.”

“We want to equip and encourage current and future Christian business owners and CEOs to operate their businesses and conduct their personal lives in accordance with biblical principles as we seek to carry out The Great Commission – not only here at home but around the globe,” Chatmon added. “As company executives become more Christ-like in their personal lives, they will find the workplace a great environment for evangelism and discipleship, ministering to those employees for whom they are accountable and responsible. This will be a truly life-transforming experience.”

In addition to serving established business leaders, FCCI also supports young professionals through its Young Executives program by matching interns with mentoring business leaders to gain invaluable experience through its Fellows program. In addition, churches become involved as host sites for FCCI group meetings, enabling them to share FCCI resources and training opportunities with their members. The FCCI website provides a free personal spiritual assessment here:

Chatmon’s new book, “Do Your Children Believe? Becoming Intentional about your Family’s Faith and Spiritual Legacy,” releasing from Thomas Nelson next month, is a resource designed for the greater Christian community. Chatmon’s experience leading FCCI, and his own family, showed him that many parents struggle with shepherding their own children as much or more than leading their businesses. He shares the blueprint he created to change the spiritual trajectory of his children, with practical tools applicable to any family. It’s available at


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