Modern-Day Evangelist Jay Lowder Uses Personal Story to Reach the Masses with Timeless Message

Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries Connects with Today’s Busy, Information-Overloaded Individuals

DALLAS, Oct. 19, 2010 – Full-time evangelist Jay Lowder, founder of Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries, recognizes that while the methods behind modern-day mass evangelism have changed since the days Billy Graham, Charles Finney and D.L. Moody, the message remains constant.

The percentage of Americans who identify with some form of a Christian faith has been dropping in recent decades and now stands at 77 percent, according to an aggregate of Gallup Polls conducted in 2008. In 1948, when Gallup began tracking religious identification, the percentage of those who were Christian was 91 percent.

Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries is bringing thousands of individuals to Christ through mass evangelism crusades, rallies and events with the simple salvation message of hope in Christ.

“More than ever before, people today are hungry to hear a message of hope,” said Lowder. “Faced with the calamities of a plummeting market and rise of unemployment, individuals are seeking answers beyond the temporarily satisfying. That is why we feel the message of the Gospel is especially relevant at this time.”

Since his call to evangelism more than 20 years ago, Lowder has participated in over 350 crusades, rallies and conferences, traveling the globe to NFL stadiums, schools and universities, churches and even under shade trees in Africa to provide a message of hope to the hurting. He has also developed a mainstream school program called Crossroads, which addresses the pressures of alcohol, drugs, suicide, violence and sex to teenagers living in our demanding society and has been presented to more than 2 million students.

Prior to his work in full-time evangelism, Lowder encountered great pain brought on by a destructive lifestyle, so much so that he considered suicide, going as far as pointing a pistol at his temple. However, his attempt came to an abrupt halt when his roommate unexpectedly walked through the door. This set in motion a series of events that led Lowder to uncover his purpose in life.

Lowder now uses his own personal story of transformation to present a crossover message through Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries to help individuals of all ages realize salvation in Christ as the best option.

“People can debate the accuracy of Scripture, but when they hear a personal story of change, they can no longer argue its validity,” Lowder said. “I’ve seen – not only in my life but also in others – the life-change that occurs when you turn your life over to Jesus. No one can deny what He has done in my life.”

Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries partners with churches around the world to minister to youth and adults. In addition to mass one-day, four-day and city-wide crusades and festivals, Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries holds evangelism conferences, youth rallies, weekend retreats and student camps.

An avid sportsman, Lowder also incorporates this love into Celebration Weekends, by using hunting and fishing stories to relate to men. He explains that sportsmen understand concepts such as targets, decoys and blood trails, because they are essential to the sport, but those are also terms that can help clearly explain the Gospel of Christ to men who may have never stepped foot in a church. The Celebration Weekend is a time to connect men with the church and with their families through a fun- filled weekend with something for everyone.

“Everything we do is to share the message of Christ with those who may never step foot in a church,” said Lowder.

Founded in 1989, Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries exists to reach people for Christ while inspiring others to do the same. For additional information about Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries, visit


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