EchoLight Studios is the first vertically integrated Christian movie studio – meaning it offers production, financing, marketing and distribution for all methods of releasing films. Founded in 2011, EchoLight produces and distributes high-quality movies for families of faith through theatrical, home video, digital/video on demand and broadcast in domestic and international markets.

Former senator and presidential candidate Rick Santorum has served as CEO of EchoLight since June 2013 after becoming a board member of the company in 2012. Santorum said he’s found that work in the entertainment industry isn’t wholly different from his life in politics. “It’s about communicating a message. It’s about telling a story,” says Santorum.

“Our goal is to release quality entertainment with positive, uplifting messages of hope,” Santorum continued. “That’s what people across America and the world are looking for, including my own family. We’re always searching for movies we can take the whole family to, and we think there are millions of others who share that desire.”

EchoLight has worked with15 direct-to-DVD feature films, including Corbin Bernsen’s “25 Hill” and “Beyond the Heavens.” Under Santorum’s leadership, the company will release its first theatrical films this fall with the limited release of “Seasons of Gray” in October, followed by the broad release of “The Christmas Candle” in November.

“Seasons of Gray” is one of the first films with which Santorum has been involved. Santorum has expressed excitement when speaking about helping with the distribution of “Seasons of Gray,” saying, “The movie is a riveting story that many people will relate to on multiple levels. It is not just about bouncing back from hard times, but about forgiveness and how God never misses the opportunity to use every moment to showcase His glory and purpose.”

Currently based in Flower Mound, Texas, a Dallas suburb, EchoLight believes Dallas has three aspects needed for success – talent, resources, and a faith-based market. Employing 150 individuals, EchoLight has a vision for continued growth.

For more information, please visit http://www.echolight.com.