Watermark Community Church

watWatermark Community Church was founded in 1999 after two years of discussions among friends and 12 months of prayer and preparation by a group of core families who felt called to begin a new work in Dallas. Today, Watermark has campuses in Dallas and Fort Worth.

As a church, Watermark believes that its purpose is to call all individuals to be fully devoted followers of Christ. Watermark’s vision is “to reach the unchurched, dechurched, dead-churched and unmoved” and to encourage, equip, serve and sustain those already devoted to Christ.

At Watermark, the staff is in the business of changing lives. The church believes that ministry lives to turn the uncommitted and opposed into unashamedly committed servants of Christ. Watermark measures success by evaluating how effective its efforts are in contributing to the greater purpose: leading people to live a life of full devotion to Jesus Christ.

Named after the “Watermark” symbol of authenticity, which when on paper is only visible when held up to light, the church is passionate about being known for its transparency, integrity and sincerity of heart.

Led by senior pastor Todd Wagner, Watermark is constantly working to serve its community and members. Watermark houses ministries focusing on marriage, discipleship and equipping, young adults, single parents, abuse and addiction recovery.

Watermark is passionate about bridging the gap between culture and the Church. The church developed Watermark Film Ministry and is set to release “Seasons of Gray,” a theatrical release distributed by EchoLight Studios, in select markets Oct. 18. Written by a former staff member at the church who now serves as an African missionary, “Seasons of Gray” is a modern-day telling of the biblical story of Joseph.

“People ask me, ‘What in the world is a church doing making a movie?’” Wagner said.  “And I say, ‘Why in the world wouldn’t a church do everything it could to spread a message of peace, redemption and hope?’”

Wagner points out that every weekend in Dallas tens of thousands of people who have never walked into a church will walk into a movie theater. “We want to engage their hearts, not just with any story, but with the greatest story ever told,” he says.

For more information, please visit http://www.watermark.org/.