Case Study

Phil Hotsenpiller

ALRC promoted a Christian graphic novel and in the process created a national source expert on End Times.


As one of the first graphic novels to enter the Christian market, “Armageddon Now” faced the additional challenge of initially educating Christian media about the genre and having it recognized and accepted in order for it to receive positive coverage.


The Agency recognized two factors that would aid in promotion of the title. First, the illustrator already had a following in mainstream circles as a popular graphic novel artist. Second, author Phil Hotsenpillar’s expertise in End Times theology positioned him for promotion as a media resource in addition to his role as an author.


As a result of the Agency’s identification of messaging to emphasize the two key points mentioned above, we were able to secure much greater media coverage than would have been expected for a graphic novel in an industry not acquainted with the genre. Secular media were targeted with information about renowned illustrator Rob Leifeld’s new “gig,” and were interested in speaking with him. As earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes struck all over the world, the Agency was able to pitch Rev. Hotsenpillar as someone who could speak to these phenomena as signs of the End Times, providing opportunities for him to promote the graphic novel in that context. As subsequent graphic novels have been released, Rev. Hotsenpillar has become a go-to resource for the media on topics ranging from current events (such as the Gulf oil spill) as signs of the End Times, to apocalyptic movies such as “The Road” and “Book of Eli.” Rev. Hotsenpillar has been featured in media outlets such as CNN, USA Today,, Fox Strategy Room, and several daily newspapers around the country, in addition to national Christian, local and industry-related media.  Many of these follow-up interviews have either showcased the book or provided opportunity for the author to leverage it to establish credibility.