Reality TV Wedding Shows Give Misconstrued Message to Culture

Evangelist Jay Lowder says current shows put emphasis on fairytale nuptials, rather than everlasting relationships

The current television lineup includes numerous reality shows revolving around wedding nuptials, which stress importance in physical appearance and grandiose events, including WEtv’s hit “Bridezillas,” TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress,” E!’s “Bridalplasty,” VH1’s “My Big Friggin’ Wedding” and CW recently launched “Shedding For the Wedding,” to name a few. Even ABC’s “The Bachelor” encourages couples to visit the altar after only a few short weeks of “dating.”
TV is one of the most powerful mediums and yet these shows are sending a misconstrued message to our culture, emphasizing the significance of a fairytale day rather than focusing on the vital necessity to build a strong foundation for the actual marriage relationship that will follow.

Jay Lowder has been a full-time evangelist for more than 20 years. Founder of Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries, he has participated in more than 350 crusades, rallies and conferences around the world. Through his travels, Lowder has spoken with numerous men and women of all ages struggling with relationship issues and has a pulse on the effects of such TV shows and how they can harm an individual’s perception.

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Jay Lowder and his wife understand the importance of building a strong marriage foundation, having hit difficult times early on, to the point of separation. The Lowders were able to restore their own marriage through pastoral counseling and prayer, and today, their relationship is stronger than ever.
Founded in 1989, Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries exists to reach people for Christ while inspiring others to do the same. For additional information about Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries, visit


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