Steve Yount

Account Executive


Steve Yount came to ALRC in 2005 after working as an editor at The Dallas Morning News, one of the nation’s biggest newspapers. He understands the workings of the media, knows what makes a good story and has a passion for helping Christian organizations communicate.

During his 21 years at The News, Mr. Yount supervised production of the paper’s Sunday opinion and perspective section and performed a variety of editing positions in the sports department. He also worked part-time as an editor on the religion section, consistently judged the best in the country.

Mr. Yount received his journalism degree from Northwestern University. Early in his career, he worked at newspapers in Georgia, Missouri, Mississippi and Florida, sharpening his skills as a writer and editor.


Mr. Yount he has worked with a variety of ALRC clients, helping them attract coverage by The New York Times, USA Today, Time, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, PBS, NPR and a variety of other secular and Christian media outlets.

His specialties are media relations, writing and editing. He may be contacted via email at