Successful Businessman Shares Unexpected, Joyous Adventure of Life Interrupted by Cancer in “Out of the Blue”


Greg Murtha discovers new work-life balance after diagnosis

 NASHVILLE, Tenn., August 17, 2017 While many would deem a terminal cancer diagnosis and multiple heart attacks utterly tragic, author Greg Murtha, former Chief Relationship Officer of and co-founder of Halftime Institute, who passed away June 22, 2017, counted them a blessing.

His new book, Out of the Blue (ClearDay, ISBN 978-0-9863734-8-0), is the incredible story of what can happen when the unexpected knocks one off one’s current path. It will release post-mortem on August 26, in conjunction with his memorial celebration in Nashville, Tennessee. The forward to the book was written by Bob Goff, New York Times best-selling author, speaker, and friend of the Murtha family.

Murtha was the epitome of success, having co-founded a company, bought a home in an upscale neighborhood and achieved peak physical health. But the term “cancer” forced him to refocus his life and, in turn, profoundly change it for the better. After Murtha’s diagnosis, he re-prioritized and realized that while success is good, there are more important things on which to focus your life.

“My life didn’t go as planned. Not even close. Cancer interrupted it. And that’s a good thing,” writes Murtha. “In God’s grace, he allowed me to get so sick I had to slow down, abandon my plans, move out of the way, and learn to trust him by just being.”

After his diagnosis, Murtha points out that his life’s calling became more than just achieving business success, but one of enriching and impacting the lives of those around him, no matter if it was in the grocery store aisle, while away on vacation or during his chemotherapy treatments.

“’Out of the Blue’ is not a what-happened-next book. It’s a blend of wisdom unearthed from Cancer Road paired with a collection of Facebook blog posts that, to my surprise, have deeply resonated with people over the past five years,” wrote Murtha.

Murtha’s challenge for anyone reading his book is to celebrate every day on earth, view interruptions as opportunities to play a role in God’s ultimate story and to do what God prompts.

“Out of the Blue” will release August 26 in conjunction with his home going celebration at Rocketown in Nashville. For additional information, visit


About Greg Murtha: In 2016, Murtha launched Leading with a Limp, a 501c3 to serve as the home base for his personal ministry. He was married to his wife, Tracey for 23 years and has a son, Jackson, who is 15 .




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