‘The Darkest Hour’ Television Show to Debut Nov. 5 on National Cable Networks

Program intentionally airing in ‘graveyard slot’ features remarkable stories of individuals who survived rock bottom 

WICHITA FALLS, Texas, November 2, 2016 –The Darkest Hour,” a new television program produced by Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries, will debut on major cable networks Nov. 5 in the early morning “graveyard slot” of 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. in order to reach individuals who feel lost or hopeless. The dynamic new show features raw and compelling stories of individuals who have found their way out of the pit of defeat by discovering a purpose for living.

JayLowderDarkestHourTrailer“While most television show creators avoid the ‘graveyard slot’ of the early morning hours, we specifically sought it out,” said Jay Lowder, founder of Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries and the visionary and director of the show. “This program originated from a deep desire to reach the countless number of people who feel trapped, alone and unable to escape problems that often appear unsolvable. The reality is many of these individuals experience sleepless nights, and we want to offer them a meaningful and hopefully life-changing show to help them when they flip on the TV.”

The Darkest Hour” specifically addresses issues rampant in our nation including suicide, dependence, depression and abuse and explores the stories of individuals who experienced deep pain and hurt but found recovery and restoration through an encounter with Jesus.

Three episodes of the show have been produced, with each one containing three unique stories. Individuals featured include PyRex, a former gang member and prison inmate; Alisa Kaplan, a rape survivor and recovering meth addict; Theresa Romo, a depression and suicide survivor; Matt Conti, a former drug addict; and Stephen Jackel, a Purple Heart recipient and double amputee.

Lowder’s personal story of alcoholism and near suicide, even going as far as holding a .22-caliber pistol to his temple, is also included in each of the episodes.

“‘The Darkest Hour’ is the culmination of a dream – to give to others what was first given to me,” said Lowder. “I am convinced that the most important thing a person can know is not when but why they were born. My hope is that ‘The Darkest Hour’ will help those who are searching or feel lost discover purpose for their life.”

jaylowderThe show is scheduled to air on Freeform, TLC, The Discovery Channel, AMG TV and Daystar Television Network with additional networks forthcoming. For information on specific airdates and times, visit TheDarkestHour.tv.

The ultimate goal of “The Darkest Hour” is to help individuals understand they are not alone in their hardships and connect them with others they can relate to and learn from through the show’s website. For additional information, visit TheDarkestHour.tv.

Jay Lowder is founder of Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries, an organization that exists to bring hope to individuals while inspiring others to do the same. In addition to speaking at churches, schools and community events, Lowder has appeared on various national radio and TV networks including Fox and CNN, and has written editorials for outlets such as FoxNews.com, Religion News Service and Charisma. He is also a regular contributor to TheBlaze.com and author of the book, “Midnight in Aisle 7.” For additional information, visit JayLowder.com. 



Kristin Cole