Use Love to Mend Broken Relationships this Valentine’s Day

Author Jay Lowder Available to Share Personal Story of Healing His Marriage & Challenge Others to Do the Same


Many individuals will be making a vow of love on Feb. 14, complete with flowers, cards and candy, but those with broken or damaged relationships may be dreading this “day of love.” Jay Lowder challenges these individuals to make a different vow on Valentine’s Day – one to restore their relationships. As someone who nearly called it quits on his marriage and also suffered through many years in an estranged relationship with his sister over her lifestyle choices, Lowder understands the difficulty that can occur in trying to make a relationship work. He can give practical advice from his own experience, as well as those he has counseled, on how to mend broken relationships. 


Jay Lowder is author of “Midnight in Aisle 7,” a collection of his own inspirational stories and of those he has encountered through years of ministry who have overcome struggles with God’s help. A full-time evangelist, Jay is founder of Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries. Jay and his wife were able to restore their own marriage through pastoral counseling and prayer. Today, their relationship is stronger than ever. In addition, after learning to forgive his sister, he was able to heal their broken bond. Through his ministry, Jay has spoken with numerous men and women struggling with relationship issues and can provide a unique perspective on how God wants to and can heal broken lives. 


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Jay addresses the issue of relationships and forgiveness often in his book “Midnight in Aisle 7.” From a man who refused to give up on his marriage despite unfaithfulness to an adopted girl who forgave her birth mom for abandoning her, Jay shares stories of love overcoming great odds.

“Forgiveness has an innate power to do strangely miraculous things,” says Jay. “Forgiveness can bring dead things back to life and restore relationships … True forgiveness is to set someone free and cancel his or her debt to you. The surprising revelation is that the person who ends up being freed is not the offender but you.”

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