Sweet Spot

Since its founding in 1994, A. Larry Ross Communications (ALRC) has been the most respected full-service public relations firm in Christian-focused communications. The Agency provides values-added, cross-over communications at the intersection of faith and culture, projecting client stories emanating from or targeted to communities of faith within the context of traditional news values. ALRC fulfills its mission to restore faith in the media by providing authoritative source experts to give Christian messages relevance and meaning in the mainstream press. As seasoned public relations counselors with more than 35 years in corporate and agency as well as mainstream experience, we practice public relations as a management function, speaking not only for the organizations we represent through traditional and social media, but also to its leadership regarding media ramifications of considered actions.


PR Counsel / Strategy

As a “third party” with extensive experience in observing changing public and media perceptions, ALRC is uniquely positioned to advise client management both More...

on messaging to position the organization and feedback as to how they are perceived. From preparation to publicity and promotion, ALRC is poised to offer clients tactical and practical approaches for conveying messages and achieving clients’ communications objectives.


Media Relations

ALRC goes beyond the typical agency-client relationship to establish an interactive partnership to ensure ministries and organizations reach their communications objectives, working on More...

their behalf to secure an expanded media presence through appropriate media forums. The Agency goes beyond merely informing media and their audiences to educating them about important issues relative to the Christian faith. Our goal is not to manufacture an image for any client, but rather to establish and project an identity – which already exists – to a broadened group of target audiences. We communicate with reporters in language they understand, translating and transposing our clients’ messages through the power of story -- the common currency used by any reporter to provide news items of interest and relevance to their audience. ALRC clients have appeared on virtually every major network radio and television program in the U.S., in addition to numerous local and international outlets in scores of foreign countries.


Corporate / Thought-Leader

For Christian organizations to be positioned in the context of news, they need to sell a story about their impact and influence by More...

identifying where their message or mission intersects other forces like politics, economics, business and social development. ALRC has helped many organizations identify their audience and prioritize the specialized
messages and application they want to impart. Equally important, however is providing insight into the third leg of the communications’ stool – determining what those audiences are doing when the organization wants to reach them.


Internal / External Communications

ALRC has worked with some of the nation’s largest and fastest-growing organizations and ministries to the smallest, and also everything in-between. In some More...

cases, individuals or organizations that were little-known when we began representation are household names today. In addition to representation and publicity, we regularly consult with leadership regarding ways they can leverage their voice in the community and increase the effectiveness of their outreach and effectively communicate with their own internal audience.


Reputation Management

The most valuable asset possessed by any organization – particularly those with a Christian foundation or mission – is its reputation. Unfortunately, it More...

is often ignored until there is trouble and the organization finds its good reputation in jeopardy. ALRC has consulted with a number of Christian organizations to create a culture in which long-term reputation enhancement outweighs short-term expediency. As a “third party” with extensive experience in observing changing public and media perceptions, ALRC is uniquely positioned to advise ministry management on how decisions may affect public opinion – particularly as they may be postured in the media.


Crisis Communications

Contrary to popular belief, a crisis doesn’t necessarily have to be bad, it is merely characterized by a degree of risk and uncertainty. More...

ALRC is skilled in crisis management – the art of removing much of the risk and uncertainty to allow an organization to have more control over its destiny, by reducing the number of unknowns and conditioning appropriate behavior. Through the years, ALRC has helped clients through a number of crises, facilitating not only a quick response, but also determining the best strategy for containment, messaging and response in order to foster understanding and minimize escalation or prolonging of a story beyond the initial news cycle.


Advocacy / Issues Management

At a time when many ministries are becoming more activist-oriented, Christian leaders and organizations represented by ALRC have increased their global impact by More...

functioning as advocates for the Christian faith, showing how the Gospel is relevant to our culture. Often, ALRC client principals and spokespersons are called upon to provide the “Good News behind the bad news,” offering a balance to the stories of the day. ALRC's understanding of media needs, combined with our heart for our clients' messages enables us to underscore what is of value about the news being disseminated and service both the client and media appropriately.


Spokesperson Training

Ministry executives and spokespersons are frequently called upon to respond to inquiries from the media – both religious and mainstream. By effectively utilizing More...

these opportunities, Christian organizations can influence public opinion, correct misperceptions and address key issues among a broadened group of target audiences. ALRC offers half- to two-day media training sessions, including theory and on-camera practice, to empower and equip ministry representatives to tell their stories their way and make the most of every media opportunity.


On-site Media Operations

ALRC has an impressive track record of media operations for special events and itinerant programs. In the process of handling coverage and staging More...

productions, the Agency has served numerous organizations, celebrities, personalities and media, as well as leaders in business, politics and entertainment. From Billy Graham’s evangelistic crusades to Rick Warren’s Civil Forum series, including one on the Presidency with candidates Barack Obama and John McCain, ALRC understands the needs of the media for on-site coverage with superior customer service so each receives necessary information for accurately covering both the event and issues behind it.


Book Campaigns / Author Representation

From New York Times bestsellers to first-time authors, ALRC has provided strategic and tactical support as well as media liaison for a variety More...

of book projects. Our team has worked alongside all major Christian and secular publishing partners to promote titles by securing reviews, interviews and feature stories. In addition to simply promoting a product, we also work to establish authors as experts and authoritative resources in their fields, speaking into newsworthy topics and issues covered in their books, utilizing third-party media to elevate the profiles of the authors among the general public.


Film Promotions

ALRC has developed a niche in representing films, video projects and television shows which convey powerful stories and represent “entertainment with a purpose.” More...

From “The Passion of The Christ” to Discovery Channel’s “Planet Earth,” our staff has helped to bring awareness to film and television projects that uplift, inspire and provide open doors to discussion about faith. Our team of PR professionals has more than two decades of experience in crossover communications between marketers, ministries and media to engage the public in matters of spirituality, faith and values. ALRC focuses on providing a relational approach to marketing movies, representing the Church/Christian community to Hollywood and vice-versa. We know how the Christian audience thinks, having maintained professionalism while becoming a part of the community.


Social Media Planning / Implementation

The media environment is changing. No longer is the traditional, college-educated newspaper reporter or TV anchorman the only person people turn to for More...

news. Today, anyone with a computer can become a “news” reporter. Social media has become a powerful, relevant and sometimes dangerous means of communication and connection in today’s fast-paced society. ALRC can assist clients in understanding and effectively utilizing these new mediums to create an engaging conversation about a brand or issue.