I Am Second ‘Takls’ Small Jobs to Meet Big Needs through Second Helping

NASHVILLE, Tenn., July 24, 2017 – I Am Second, a non-profit organization sharing stories of hope, today announced the launch of Second Helpingan initiative to bring practical household help to veterans, single-parent families, seniors and those experiencing financial difficulty. I Am Second is working with Takl, the on-demand home services app, to facilitate Second Helping’s charitable mission.

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“The essence of I Am Second is to inspire life transformation,” said Lance Villio, executive vice president for I Am Second. “Second Helping is an expression of love in action that allows us to partner with kind-hearted individuals to fund small jobs to meet big needs.”

Second Helping was born out of I Am Second’s desire to offer individuals a tangible way to live Second by putting God and others before themselves. Through the collaboration with Takl, Second Helping will fund needed household projects free of charge for approved recipients.

Tasks can range from assisting a veteran by cutting his grass because he lost a limb while serving in the Armed Forces to helping an elderly woman change the batteries in her smoke detector or cleaning the apartment of a single mom working two jobs to provide for her three small children.

Second Helping Is Easy to Use

“At Takl, we are all about impacting people and communities,” said Willis Johnson, Takl CEO and Chairman. “Through Second Helping, I Am Second provides a trusted way for our users around the nation to give back and make a difference in people’s lives.”

Individuals can donate an amount of their choice to Second Helping after they order a chore in the Takl app or by visiting the SecondHelping.org website.

Additionally, each time a new Takl customer uses the promo code “Second2017,” Takl will make a donation to Second Helping.

Takl is currently available in Nashville and Chattanooga, Tennessee; Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio, Texas; Phoenix, Arizona; Miami and Tampa, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia; Los Angeles, Sacramento, the Bay Area and San Diego, California; Baltimore, Maryland; Washington, D.C.; Boston, Massachusetts; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Denver, Colorado.

For more information about Second Helping, visit SecondHelping.org.

About I Am Second

I Am Second is a non-profit launched in 2008 that ignites hope and inspires people to live for God and for others. Its website, iamsecond.com, features written and film-based stories of more than 100 athletes, actors, models, musicians, cultural influencers and everyday people who have stepped in front of the camera and declared, “I Am Second.” For information, visit iamsecond.com.

About Takl

The Takl app is an on-demand mobile platform that connects self-employed providers with users who need chores and small jobs completed. The app originally launched in Nashville, its hometown, in the summer of 2016 and is currently in 17 cities with plans to roll out across America in the coming year. For information, visit Takl.com.


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