Michael Anthony Challenges Believers to be Bold and Courageous in New Book

YORK, Pa., Jan 10, 2018 In the past decade, Christians have been characterized on either side of the spectrum – either intolerant and harsh in their deliverance of their faith or accommodating and waffling on biblical beliefs. Now, through the new book, A Call for Courage, releasing March 13, 2018 from Thomas Nelson, pastor and author Michael Anthony is challenging believers to change the perception by marrying both truth and love when actively proclaiming their faith.

 “We have found ourselves in a very interesting time – both in our nation’s politics and within our society where Christians have started to be divided into these two categories of either complacency or intolerance. One is out of fear while the other is lacking proper execution and both lead down a dangerous path,” said Anthony. “We as a church should not be hesitant to be engaged and active in our government or community, because it is our mission to expand the Kingdom of God and if we aren’t proclaiming the truth in love then we are not fulfilling what we were called to do.”

Throughout each chapter, Anthony provides timely examples ripped from his own life, such as a confrontation with a Muslim man in Hyde Park, that provides clear imagery of living truth simultaneously with love, and national headlines including the Supreme Court hearing of the Christian wedding cake baker, which highlights reverse intolerance. Anthony calls out the problems facing the church and provides clear and practical solutions on how to change things for the better, allowing believers to have humble courage when it comes to sharing and defending Christianity.

“We are at a crossroads; we can choose to continue down the path of extinction or we can take a stand and change the heart of this nation for Jesus,” said Anthony. “I know being courageous is not easy when the world is full of fear but I myself have conquered fear many times – from my battle with cancer to surviving multiple kidnapping attempts and several brushes with death. We can defeat fear and we must.”

In addition to laying out the foundation to living fearlessly in his book, Anthony is providing believers with more resources to learn and grown on this journey of humble courage through his Courage Matters podcast and the Courage Matters app, which includes personal videos and audio from Anthony to provide encouragement for how to live with honest love and power.

“A lot of times, we have no problem picking out the issues but lack in providing and applying solutions. This is such a critical time that we can’t afford not to have the answers,” said Anthony. “I want to make sure everyone is equipped when going out in the world to share the good news of Christ whenever the time arrives. This is a journey and we are on it together.”

For more information on A Call for Courage, visit couragematters.com.

Michael Anthony is a popular speaker and blogger (CourageMatters.com), founder and president of Godfactor®, founder of the National Week of Repentance™, and lead pastor of Grace Fellowship in York, Pennsylvania (GraceYork.com). He and his work have been featured in major publications and news outlets, such as the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, CNN, ABC News, CBS News, Townhall.com, American Family Radio, The Christian Post, Charisma News, Beliefnet.com, WND.com, and Patheos.com. He lives with his family in York, Pennsylvania.


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