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Three reasons to add an online newsroom to your website


In a previous blog post, we wrote about the importance of press releases in the digital age and teased a bit about how these tools can be useful when placed on an online news section or newsroom.


While online newsrooms are generally seen as a tool for media representatives, they can serve an even greater value in reaching your key audiences.


Our agency has always believed online newsrooms to be an important part of our website and client services. Our newsroom was initially created to be a one-stop-shop for information a reporter may need to know about our client. It serves this function well, but our newsrooms also serve a greater purpose.


Public relations is so much more than media relations. Of course, the third-party validation of a media interview or feature offers an organization is invaluable, but a comprehensive public relations plan is about effectively influencing, engaging and building relationships with your key audiences. Online newsrooms can do just that.


Here are three reasons you should consider adding an online newsroom to your existing website:


1) Online newsrooms allow you to share what is important.


Yes, a website is all about information sharing, but an online newsroom allows you to share information that might not fit on the other pages of your site. For example, you can post content that goes more in-depth about your expertise, upload relevant photos or even brag about your company by sharing news (we did just that recently when we shared this information).


Additionally, you’ll be feeding visitors the exact messages and information you want them to know, which is always important.


2) Online newsrooms drive visitors to your website.


Some of the most-visited pages on our website are the news releases in our online newsrooms. Matter of fact, since launching our new website earlier this year, this is the fourth most visited page on our website.



Why? Because people are going to Google and searching for information about our clients. Since our news releases have keywords to answer their query, our website page pops up near the top of the Google search.


Placing key information about your company in an online newsroom can similarly help your company’s website land on the first page of a Google search (a tactic called Search Engine Optimization or SEO) so that people will be directed to you when they ask Google questions to which you have the answers.


3) Online newsrooms provide credibility.


While online newsrooms can include many different elements, they are a great place to showcase your company’s expertise. This can be done simply by adding white papers about topics in your industry or backgrounders on topics to which you can speak or even include links to recent media hits. By doing this, you are showing visitors not only how you are the expert through the content you own, but also how others also see you in this way.




Online newsrooms don’t need to be fancy in order to get the job done. They can include a little or a lot, but no matter how big or small, they can help your company reap great benefits.