Public Relations & Christian Witness

While thinking about how to describe PR to a faith-based client recently, I was reminded of how PR is truly a biblical concept. As Christians, we are to be witnesses for Christ – to make him known publicly. In essence, this is what PR professionals and publicists do for their clients.

If God had a social media profile…

Just as we who proclaim to follow Christ should reflect Him daily in words and actions, we also represent the other groups with whom we identify. Our behavior reflects on our employer, our family, our school, our church, our neighborhood, etc.. In guarding our words and actions for Christ we also reflect well on any other groups or organizations we represent.

The Bible additionally teaches that our attitude is as important as our actions. We should have a positive outlook that chooses to see the good and be thankful in difficult circumstances. Similarly, in PR, when challenges arise, we don’t try to “spin” the situation or paint black as white, but we look to emphasize the positives in any situation and see challenges as opportunities for growth.

Finally, as in sharing our faith with others, we don’t coerce or emotionally manipulate people to our way of thinking – we simply convey what we believe to be Truth, and let others make up their minds for themselves. In PR, we are not “selling” with less-than-truthful advertising, but imparting knowledge and information in a careful, gracious way. We pursue integrity in our communications and try not to skew our perspective.

While publicists and PR professionals tend to be mindful of how their words and actions reflect on their clients or employers, all too often in this social media age it seems Christians don’t take full notice of the impact their conversations or behaviors make online. It grieves me when I see a watching world equate that behavior with Christ and His Kingdom.

I encourage us all to think both biblically and like a PR professional in order to improve not only how we represent our faith, but also our families, employers and any other groups with whom we identify as we conduct ourselves before a world always on the lookout to judge and critique our behavior. In a way, we all are PR agents for Christ.