Trump Faith Advisory Committee Member and Christian Political Activist Join Forces to Save America

‘This Precarious Moment’ by Dr. James Garlow and David Barton Offers 6 Urgent Steps to Save Our Country from Moral Crisis

SAN DIEGO, August 27, 2018 – Daily headlines of racial division, a growing immigrant crisis, rising murder rates and declining church attendance prove America is on a dangerous path of destruction. While some feel the situation is dire, Dr. James Garlow and David Barton believe America can still be saved.

In their new book, “This Precarious Moment: Six Urgent Steps That Will Save You, Your Family and, Our Country,” releasing Sep. 4, 2018, from Salem Books (ISBN- 10: 1621577902), Garlow, a member of President Trump’s Faith Advisory Board, and evangelical political activist and history expert David Barton highlight the key issues causing the current political, moral and cultural crises in America and share a clear solution for ending the chaos once and for all.

“As I watched the inauguration of our president, the issues of race, immigration, and others that we discuss in this book weighed heavy on my heart,” said Garlow, senior pastor at Skyline Church in San Diego, California. “I recognize we are at a tipping point where we need to start having a conversation about these topics and get our country re-rooted in biblical and historical truth if we are going to survive. We cannot continue to sit on the sidelines and watch our country whither away. My prayer is that this book awakens my fellow Americans to the crisis we face and starts a conversation that leads us back to the Word.”

In the book, Garlow and Barton examine the biblical and historical background of six key elements facing America and how each became an issue for our nation. These include:

·        Racial Healing and the need for it to occur;

·        Immigration and the call for a better system;

·        Government and the need to return to its biblical foundation;

·        Millennials in demand of a spiritual awakening;

·        Church and the critical need to go back to stop worrying about being culturally acceptable and simply be the Church; and

·        Israel and the desire for better understanding of its importance and a better relationship with America.

Garlow and Barton also share practical solutions on how people can resolve these issues and in turn, re-establish America to being the great, biblically sound country it was created to be.

“It is not hard to argue that our country has many problems but when you take a step back and trace their history you will find these topics at the core,” said Barton, founder of WallBuilders, LLC, “We cannot change these issues overnight but this can be used as a serious warning to what is ahead and inspire action, because, ultimately, to get our country back on track we must be active on these issues not just for our country, but for our families.” 

By addressing these topics head on, Garlow and Barton hope to not only spark change but also start a conversation that helps bring our country back together, united under God.

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