New Verse Mapping Bible Study Series Offers ‘Life-changing Shift’ in Approaching God’s Word

NASHVILLE, Tenn., May 8, 2018 A revolutionary new Bible study series from Kristy Cambron will empower individuals to go beyond simply reading the Bible to researching and uncovering how to apply the Word to their everyday lives. Called verse mapping, this technique helps the reader unpack the context of Scripture in a simple way and guarantees a deeper understanding of God’s Word.

Luke: Gathering the Goodness of God’s Word and Acts: Feasting on the Abundance of God’s Word are the first two studies in the series from Cambron- a passionate verse mapping teacher and popular Christian fiction author- that will release May 8 from Thomas Nelson.

“I had a longing in my heart to meet God, not just in the hospital rooms, the gravesides or in difficult situations, but in everyday life. I was looking for a transformation in my relationship with Jesus and the time I spent with Him,” said Cambron. “It is what got me into verse mapping and how I became a Bible researcher. I wanted to OWN my faith in Jesus—to take it seriously and hear directly from Him through Scripture.”

For 15 years, Cambron thrived in the corporate world, but still felt restless. God called her to begin a writing career and ultimately, to walk away from the job that had left her unfulfilled. Even though she had a degree in art history/research writing and had embarked on a successful career as a novelist, it wasn’t until she discovered verse mapping that she began to go deeper with her faith and discover what God really had in store for her.

Verse mapping focuses on five steps to create “change-your-life” study time with God:

·       Verse: Select a verse to map

·       Design: Write your verse in several translations and identify key words or phrases

·       Develop: Look up key words and discover any underlying meanings

·       Actions: Research and document the people, places and context referenced

·       Outcome: Write a one- to two-sentence summary of what you learned and anchor the verse to your life

In both the Acts and Luke studies, Cambron provides step-by-step instructions on what you need and how to get started in verse mapping. Designed for independent study, all sizes of groups, and all age-ranges, verse mapping is for people who want to get real about studying God’s Word.

“If you’re not a seminary-trained theologian by education, don’t worry—Verse mapping is for anyone with a heart to know the Word of God more,” writes Cambron. “What matters is not how much knowledge you have before you begin, but where the journey takes you. The goal is to experience a deeper, more personal walk with Jesus, with the Bible as the field manual on your story road with Him.”

Luke: Gathering the Goodness of God’s Word and Acts: Feasting on the Abundance of God’s Word each consist of six video sessions that guide the reader through verse mapping a small section of Scripture. The accompanying Bible study guide includes diagrams for verse mapping, discussion questions and group activity prompts.

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