Sattler College Admits Seasoned, Academically High-Performing Inaugural Class

2018-2019 academic year to begin class in September

BOSTON, June 5, 2018 Sattler College, a Christian university founded in 2016, today announced its inaugural class, consisting of 22 students. Classes will begin in September of 2018 at the college’s downtown Boston campus.

Unlike many universities, the average age of Sattler College’s inaugural undergraduate class is 21, with students ranging from 17 to 33 years of age.

“Having a wide age-range of students, many of whom are older than most college students, is a great opportunity,” said Dr. Finny Kuruvilla, founder of Sattler College. “Not only will these individuals enter our classes with greater maturity, but their life experience will allow them to apply their education to real-world scenarios. Our goal is to produce graduates who are ready to contribute to the professional world in meaningful ways, and we know our students will be ready to do that.”

Additionally, Sattler College’s inaugural class boasts high test scores, with the average student’s ACT or SAT score falling in the 86.4th percentile. The average high school GPA of students entering Sattler College is 3.82.

“Sattler College’s curriculum is extremely academically rigorous, as all students are required to take challenging classes including expository writing, history, biology, mathematics, economics, biblical Greek and biblical Hebrew,” said Kuruvilla. “Too many universities allow students to waste tuition dollars on unhelpful classes that do nothing to prepare students for the professional world. At Sattler, we are committed to providing students with a well-rounded, classical education.”

Students are joining the Boston-based college from across the nation. The 22 students come from 11 different states (only one of the students is from the local area), and 16 come from a private or homeschooling background.

“During my time as an advisor and instructor at Harvard, I saw many students lose their faith,” said Kuruvilla. “Realizing this occurs at universities across the nation, I felt led to start Sattler College as an alternative education option for Christian families, especially those who have invested in private school or homeschooling.”

Sattler College is modeled after classical Christian education principles. In its introductory year, the college is offering bachelor’s degrees in biblical studies, human biology, business, history and computer science.

In addition to being committed to providing students with a quality education, Sattler College is making higher education more affordable and accessible than other universities. Tuition at Sattler College is around $9,000 per year, a fraction of the average tuition of $33,480 required to attend other private universities. Additionally, the school is offering its inaugural class one year of no tuition.

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