Secrets of The Pink House Shares Inspiring True Story About Finding Success, Hope in Dark Times

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., October 11, 2017  Businessman Jack Manilla, CEO of Portofino Pool Services and Outdoor Living, is sharing his secrets to personal and professional success in his new book Secrets of The Pink House (WestBow Press, Nov. 1, 2017, ISBN: 9781512796575).  

Prior to becoming an expert in the pool and outdoor living industry, Manilla found success through a 40-year corporate career. His autobiographical book, Secrets of The Pink House, reveals how Jack thought he was living the “American Dream” – complete with fancy cars, large houses and material wealth – until his ethics were challenged and he decided to walk away from it all. Penniless and unemployed, what followed was a journey that led him to find something he never knew was missing –personal peace.

“We all face decisions, big and small, that whether we realize it or not change our lives forever,” said Manilla. “I knew walking away was the right decision but I never expected to lose my house, cars and savings to start over at The Pink House, a cracker bungalow in the middle of an orange grove.”

Manilla thought it would be just a matter time before he landed his next job, but for 18 months, he received rejection letter after rejection letter. Along the way, he began to learn valuable lessons of humility, love, maturity, the importance of serving others and relationships. He didn’t just learn about himself, he began examining his relationship with God while facing the reality his corporate career was over. It wasn’t until Manilla learned to give up control of his life that he finally attained personal and professional success.

“I wanted to share my story – the struggle I went through – in hopes of encouraging and inspiring people who have found themselves in a similar situation. Whether losing their job, financial problems, health problems or a failing business,” said Manilla. “I am passionate about energizing people to find purpose and peace in the genius of the Bible and discovering hope in the pages of Secrets of The Pink House.”

The book is an inspiring tale of finding the one thing everyone needs, a meaningful relationship with their Creator and how they can rise above any obstacles they may face in life. Manilla also shares a powerful message of perseverance and provides readers with the reminder that it is never too late to change their life or start over.

“You never know what God has in store for you. I was a very successful businessman that ran multi-million dollar companies, even a couple Fortune 500 businesses,” said Manilla. “I never imagined I would leave the corporate world and start a pool business but here I am. I am living proof that it is never too late to align our path with God’s.”

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Kristin Nill